The Digital Revolution!

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  • 20th April, 2018

Up 2 Speed is pleased to be firmly placed in the middle of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’; customizing and delivering a range of different solutions around ‘the Digital Revolution’, to a wide selection of leading multinational clients.

Please see below for some major highlights on the Up 2 Speed business in recent times –

  • There has never been so much demand in the Up 2 Speed business as there has been for our newest courseware, Digital Mastery Essentials. Customized and delivered to leading international clients from industries such as IT, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Insurance, Hotels and Logistics, this workshop – delivered via a one or two day Face-to-Face Facilitated version, or a Virtual Facilitated version – teaches our clients not just what this ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is all about, but arguably most importantly, how our clients can leverage the Digital Revolution for themselves, their company, and also their clients and prospects.
  • Up 2 Speed’s design team has also been focused on producing a series of videos that cover the key Digital Mastery Essentials topics (ideal for any individuals who cannot attend our workshops). These videos, of 10 minutes maximum run-time, include a Senior Up 2 Speed Facilitator as the presenter, and also use a combination of graphics, animations and illustrations, to make the learner experience as engaging and meaningful as possible. Please click here to view our most recent video produced, on the ‘Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.
  • Up 2 Speed was delighted to dedicate the services of their Lead Graphic Designer and self-proclaimed “Art Ninja”, Gene Whitlock, to graphically record the recent Lean In Singapore #MentorshipMatters event. Please see above and below for some of the output of the very talented Art Ninja’s graphic recordings from this event. For any learners that are more visual, having Gene to graphically capture the key learnings from presentations and workshops, is a must-have !
  • The Up 2 Speed Pre Sales focused Facilitator team has also been in great demand for extensive delivery of their internationally acclaimed Mastering Technical Sales curriculum. Led by Pre Sales Guru, John Care, the Up 2 Speed team have commenced several new global roll-outs this year for some of the world’s largest Technology companies; customizing and delivering this unique Pre Sales only Professional Skills curriculum around key topics such as Storytelling, Business Value Discovery, Being the Trusted Adviser, White Boarding Skills, and Technical Account Planning.
  • The Up 2 Speed Sales enablement focused Facilitator team has also had a very busy year, delivering a number of Workshops and Sales Kick-off events, to a host of leading Tech companies sales staff spread out across the globe. The team, delivering in locations such as China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Italy, England, Russia, France, Germany, Holland, and the U.S.A, and in languages including English, Mandarin, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, French, Italian and German, have had very pleasing success customizing and delivering various parts of the ‘6 Degrees of Sales Excellence’ curriculum, pending our clients specific requirements.

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